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    You just took the first and most important step to remaining healthy.
  You've taken interest in protecting your precious health.
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     Now, we would like to explain how your health is in your hands and has always been.   Before we begin this journey together, we would like to ask you a seemingly simple, but incredibly enlightening question:

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Give yourself a big thank you!

You just took the first and most important step to remaining healthy. You've taken interest in protecting your precious health.
By clicking, you've chosen awareness.

Now, we want to explain how your health is in your hands and has always been. Before we begin this journey together, we would like to ask you a seemingly simple, but incredibly enlightening question:

How do you feel?
Let's talk about it.

1. What is DNAMEDICO? Who's behind it?
DNAMedico is a health membership quite like a gym. Our Team of physicians, dedicated to your health and longevity, uses an innovative approach based on established clinical methodologies that are integrated with the newest technologies, particularly DNA testing. A complete picture of your health will be constructed and used to develop a plan for helping you lead a healthier life. Thanks to DNAMedico the future is today.
2. What is your philosophy towards care?
It's better to keep a person healthy by investing early and often in his or her health rather than suggest treatments to a patient once a disease has emerged.
3. What kind of health approach do you choose?
The Hippocratic approach: observation, listening, personal contact and data collection, combined with the wonderful and fascinating possibilities of DNA testing. Classic smart heart, modern smart mind.
4. Who do you turn to?
We talk to anyone who cares about their health and that of their loved ones.
5. When and where will your services become available?
Soon! We are completing our medical Team and our first center will be located in Milan. We will keep you updated on all developments.
1. Who are DNAMedico's doctors and how did you select them?
All of DNAMedico's doctors are MDs specialized in a number of specialties. We choose our physicians with the same methodology we use with our patients: observation, listening and personal contact. The main rule is "do good for the greater good".
2. Does DNAMedico replace my general doctor?
Your family doctor is an excellent asset for your heath. You will simply need him less often...
3. What if I need a specialist or a more specialized care?
DNAMedico will choose the best specialist for you, wherever you are. We are here to manage your health and if we discover you need more specialized care, think of us as your guide to the broader healthcare system.
4. What will happen at our first meeting? Will we stay in touch?
Yes, we will be by your side in person and through our DNAMEDICO app for primary care, wellness and 360° health. After your first visit, a 24/7-care team will be assigned to follow you and take care of your healthcare needs. Your care Team uses your medical history, ongoing visits, data from wearable sensors and will proactively reach out via the app to ensure things are going well. When you need us, you'll have the possibility to meet your DNAMEDICO physician anywhere...we will be by your side and face any event hand in hand.
1. What is DNA Testing and how will it help me as a patient?
Dna is the origin of life. For DNAMedico it is an essential asset to investigate your health. Dna testing allows the determination of bloodlines and the genetic diagnosis of vulnerabilities to inherited diseases. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.
2. Who conducts the test and reports it?
The test is conducted and reported by our genecitists at our center. The sequencing is conducted at the most reliable lab around.
3. What kind of test do you conduct?
We do targeted capture of all the validated genes that relate to hereditary cancer syndromes and several other specific diseases. Several hundreds genetic tests are currently in use and more are being developed
4. How can I avail the test? And how is it done?
DNA testing is a very simple procedure. We will do it at our center through your saliva.
5. How many days will it take to receive my report?
It depends on the type of test. One to three weeks.
6. What do I do with the information in my report?
Your report will complete your baseline. Your complete clinical history. Today and forever.
7. Do I need to analyze the DNA of all the members of my family?
Yes because each human being has a unique genetic make-up and no one can ever have the same code, except for identical twins. Each member of a family has an exclusive genetic profile with individual susceptibility or resistance to a disease.
8. Is it possible to change DNA using medical techniques?
The CRISPR technique, the molecular scalpel...we are almost there. It will be a fascinating era! For the moment, lifestyle modifications and other preventive measures can impact help the situation if the gene is expressed.
9. If I'm going to get the disease anyway, what is the purpose of studing my DNA?
An early detection will help incorporate intervention strategies that could limit the intensity of the disease. Moreover, advancements in science promises better strategies and being informed about the risk for diseases will aid in being better prepared. Genetic testing will prevent misdiagnosis and save money and time spent on treating conditions that may not really exist. You will be actor of your health and not just a spectator.
10. New diseases are found to be related to genes, will I be required to take a fresh test
No, it does not expire. We will perform the DNAtest once and we will gain the information according with your DNAMedico`s Team.
11. How will my doctor use the information in my report?
The report is an invaluable tool for your doctor. This will let your doctor tailor make your treatment plan that caters to your specific needs and requirements. We will always be happy to collaborate with him.
12. How do you protect my health data?
We take the privacy and security of your protected health information seriously. We protect your clinical and genetic data within our systems through the newest encryption system. We provide you with a notice of privacy practices that describes the restrictions on how we may use and disclose your data.
1. What does DNAMedico's membership cost?
Our membership fee is billed monthly and includes everything we do on site, in Milan. The cost will be planned after the first consultation for free.
2. Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes you have to. To protect your privacy and to entrust your health care to DNAMedico.
3. May I visit your center and have a talk before signing up?
For sure you can. First appointment is for free. It's our way of saying we appreciate your effort.
4. How does DNAMEDICO work with insurance?
We collaborate with the best insurance firms to elaborate a new formula of risk cover dedicated to your long-term healthcare.